March 20, 2019

Greetings Honorable Mayor and Council:

Pacifica’s history is part of her ongoing unique character.  The Pacifica Historical Society protects and promotes this rich, very vibrant history.  Our Little Brown Church was rescued from dilapidation by the Pacifica Historical Society and Pacifica residents.  The Pacifica Coastside Museum is now well-known and admired.  It is becoming a hub of action, especially this year, as we get closer to the 250th commemoration of the Portola Expedition and the first sighting of San Francisco Bay by the Spanish.  The Pacifica Historical Society along with San Mateo County and the City of Pacifica are active in forming an Ohlone/Portola Heritage Trail to tracing “the path of Portola” throughout 90 miles in San Mateo County.

We are pleased that Council leadership in the past has designated this part of Sharp Park as an Historic District.  We welcome the plan to provide more vigorous citizen input and city planning for this area.

The Ocean Shore Railroad brought tourists and investors to our shores from the San Francisco area in 1905 until 1920.  The Pacifica Historical Society, representatives of culture-loving Pacificans, brought an 110 year old, unique, original car, back to Pacifica.  Much work has already been done by many volunteers to restore Car #1409 towards making it ready for permanent display.

This historic Car 1409 and the Little Brown Church deserve a prominent place near one another once again in the Historic District of Pacifica.  More than one hundred years ago the Ocean Shore railcar  #1409 ran right past the Little Brown Church in its present location.  These two subjects of historical significance can also contribute economically to our Community.  The Museum is already a center of cultural and educational activity and the railcar will expand the museum’s significance and draw of visitors, providing additional permanent historical display opportunities.  We request that the city enable the placement of the restored Ocean Shore RR Car 1409 at the corner of Francisco and Salada Avenues near the Little Brown Church.  This location will provide maximum visibility and facilitate the use of this unique, one of a kind relic, as an important addition to our museum.   The current site must be vacated by mid-November.  Once the car is moved, we will secure and protect the site at no expense to the City.  As always, we are here to be supportive of Pacifica’s future as well as its past.

Sincerely yours,

Ocean Shore Railroad Restoration Committee

Deidra Crow, co-chairman 650 303-1670 

Kathleen Manning, co-chairman 415 509 6685

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